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  • Impact Seychelles 2018

    Posted on May 07 2018

    59672 impcat20182
    “It is cool to be good.” This was the resounding message that could be heard from the auditorium of the International Conference Center Seychelles (ICCS) last Saturday as Impact Seychelles came to ...
  • 59673 impcatopening
    The Seventh Day Adventist mission launched the second phase of its nationwide ImpactSeychelles initiative at the International Conference Centre Seychelles on Tuesday night. This youth-led initiat...
  • 59250 impact initiave launching nov
    ‘Impact Seychelles’ starts today 07-December-2017 The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church, most precisely the Youth Department, will be launching the ‘Impact Seychelles’  today on Praslin. Such init...
  • Total member Involvement (TMI)

    Posted on Nov 22 2017

    59494 tmi
    The Seychelles Mission embraced the ‘Total Member Involvement’ initiative of the world-church to involve every member, every church and every type of outreach ministry for the advancement of the go...
  • March to save our families

    Posted on Aug 28 2017

    58990 nation photo march
    Legliz Advantis Sesel an kolaborasyon avek Minister Lafanmir ti organiz en lamars anba temn ‘Sov Nou Bann Fanmir’ ki ti fer dan lavil Victoria, yer bomaten. En gran group dimoun tou laz ti’n rann l...
  • Small Group Ministry Training

    Posted on May 05 2017

    59495 smallgroup
    In April 2017 the Personal Ministries Department brought new dynamism to Small Group Ministry in the Seychelles by organizing a mission-wide training for all current and potential Small Group Leade...
  • Global Youth Day 2017

    Posted on Mar 20 2017

    58417 gyd news
    Young people of all ages from the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church donning colourful t-shirts bearing the inscription ‘Be The Sermon’ gathered in the grounds of Camion Hall on Saturday morning to...
  • Global Youth Day

    Posted on Mar 28 2016

    57830 p3190557
    The Seventh-Day Adventist Youth Ministries of the Seychelles Mission joins the Seventh Day Adventist World church Initiative to Celebrate a Global Youth Day on the Saturday 19th March 2016 . T...

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