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                          Seychelles Mission  Office

The Seychelles Mission Office is currently administered by a President and the Executive Committee (EXCOM). From time to time the EXCOM may meet to deal with more substantial matters or endorse actions by the Officers. EXCOM is made up of a selection of elected heads of departments, lay people and mission employees.  The Executive Committee is the primary source of church governance for the Mission.
         The work of Seychelles Mission

Mission is administered in 4 districts, each under the supervision of a district pastor whose role is to nurture the church and facilitate its mission.  It is envisioned that through the duration of this strategic plan, each church in Seychelles will have its own pastor.

The Organisational 

Ancillary Staff: Work in the Seychelles Mission is supported by ancillary staff that performs a variety of functions vital to the working of the Mission. These include Janitorial services.

Field Staff: Field Staff including Pastors, Literature Evangelists and Global Mission Pioneers are directly employed, supervised and supported by the Seychelles Mission.

 Local Congregations in Seychelles are categorised as:

Organised Churches - meaning an officially constituted body of believers with its own membership role,
officers and constituency.

Organised Churches and their members are the constituents of the Seychelles Mission (MSEY).
Companies - designate a group of believers who are members of an organised church but meet in another location,
building or sub-district. 
They are officially organised by the Mission and administered by the local churches.

Central District Churches consists of Victoria Church and Anse Etoile. They fall under the
responsibility of District Pastor Nelson Joubert.

Central District Churches consists of International Church. It falls under the 
responsibility of District Pastor Nelson Joubert.

Southern District Churches consists of Anse Royale Church, Val D'en Dor Company, Port Glaud Church and Grand Anse Mahe Company. They fall under the responsibility of District Paul Ratsara.

Inner Islands Districts Churches consists of Grand Anse Praslin Church and La Digue Company. They fall under
the responsibility of District Pastor Vola Rakotoarijaona.

Northern District Churches consist of St Louis Church and it falls under the responsibility of District Pastor
Abel Ntep.

                                                                        Seychelles Mission Staffs

Seychelles Mission President
/Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director

Pastor Ellsworth Baxen
Chief Financial Officer: 
Hugh Watts
 Admin/Account's Clerk: 
Nidza Freminot 

Senior Accountant:
Samia Malchilchi
Recording Secretary:
Doris Bick

District Pastor/Adventist Youth
and Chaplaincy Ministries Director: 
Ntep (Abel) Ntep
District Pastor/Community Services 
Department Director: 
Nelson Joubert
Adventist Youth
and Chaplaincy Ministries Associate Director: 
Denis Meriza
District Pastor: 
Vola Rakotoarijaona
District Pastor/Ministerial and 
Family Life Ministeries 
Director/Religious Liberty Director:
Michael Bijoux

                                                              Heads of Departments and Associates

Personal Ministries
Associate Director/Sabbath School Associate Director: 
Michel Marie
Women Ministries 
Sabrina Watts
Stewardship and Trust Services
Meshack Ochiel
Ministerial and Family 
Life Ministeries Director
Associate Director: 
Veronique Bijoux
Children Ministries 
Betty Seraphine
Children Ministries
Associate Director: 
Avilla Meriza
Publishing Ministries and
Spirit of Phrophecy Director:
Joanne Ratsara
Health Ministries and
ICPA Director: 

Gemma Changty-Young
Communications Director:
Natalie Edmond
Communications Associate 
Alain Dingwall
Community Services
Associate Director:

Julianna Agathine

Marie-Mai Ntep

Music Director:
Midzie Edmond
Music Associate Director:
Jude Jeremie

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